A global quarantine is likely to create the “worst financial havoc” ever, says John McAfee, founder of software security firm, McAfee LLC.

Social unrest is likely to take place in the wake of this pandemic, McAfee said.

“Every single catastrophe in which food or water or life-giving supplies are in low supply, the human veneer breaks down. And that thin layer of cultured society, human interaction, disappears,” he said.

On the global pandemic, John McAfee said that governments are largely overreacting.

“I’m a mathematician. I like numbers. Do you realize that there’s less than 100,000 people that have died from COVID? Less than 100,000 people in a world of 7.8 billion people. Do you realize in that same period of time when those 100,000 died, 630,000 died from the flu? 1.1 million died from diarrhea. 237,00 committed suicide, and 6 million died from starvation in the same period,” he said. “Do you understand, people, what nonsense is happening today?”

McAfee said that the virus will likely kill fewer people than the flu ever year once all the death tolls are tallied up.

On investments, McAfee said he prefers newer crypto altcoins to bitcoin, which has outdated technology compared to the newer coins.

Author: Kitco News

Source: Kitco: John McAfee says this is the ultimate apocalypse, here’s his game plan

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