Patience is truly a virtue. But unfortunately, it’s not as widespread among investors as it should be. With many people selling a stock way too soon.

Staying with a stock is much easier when its long-term forecast looks good. The great news is that there are many stocks that fit that description. Here are three excellent growth stocks  you should buy and hold for the next decade.

1. MongoDB

Disruption is coming to the database market. And don’t believe for a moment that major database companies don’t see it. There’s one company in particular they’re watching closely: MongoDB (NASDAQ:MDB).

MongoDB’s trailing-12-month revenue growth of 227% over the past few years completely destroys the numbers of industry giants like Microsoft and Oracle. Its price gains have also been amazing during this time, with Mongo’s shares increasing up to 1,170%.

The secret to MongoDB’s jaw-dropping growth is the cloud. The Atlas cloud database system is the largest growth driver for the company. That growth could get even better thanks to their announcement this past October of Atlas’ support for distributed databases spread across many different cloud hosting providers. 

Despite its amazing growth, MongoDB’s market cap is near $22 billion. I believe the company will keep capturing market share from the other players in the database industry. And it’s quite realistic that MongoDB will join those big players within the next 10 years.

3. Teladoc Health

The quick rise of telehealth is, without a doubt, among the most significant long-term results of the coronavirus pandemic. As the top provider of telehealth services, Teladoc Health (NYSE:TDOC) is an an obvious beneficiary of this crisis.

Teladoc had strong growth going into 2020. But the pandemic accelerated the company’s growth to greater heights. Over the pas few years, Teladoc’s trailing-12-month revenue has gone up by more than 300%. In its most recent quarter, the company’s revenue more than doubled year over year. 

Can Teladoc keep its top position in the market with more competition showing up? I believe so. Much of the company’s recent growth has come from acquisitions (although also delivering strong organic growth). My thinking is that Teladoc will keep scooping up other companies to boost its market domination.

The consulting firm McKinsey & Company says that the American virtual care market will be near $250 billion even after the pandemic ends. But even with its rapid increase, Teladoc’s annual revenue is just around $1 billion. I’m certain the company will grow to greater heights over the next decade as revenue continues to grow.

3. Etsy

Things that are truly one of a kind are not easily found. But that’s a really good description of Etsy (NASDAQ:ETSY) and the available products on its platform. No other retailer can match their offerings of unique handmade goods.

Even Etsy’s growth is unique among companies like it. With its stock increasing by a whopping 800% over the past few years. Trailing-12-month revenue nearly 4xed during that period. In Etsy’s most recent quarter, its gross sales went up 2.5 times quicker the Census Bureau’s benchmark for the e-commerce industry.

Can Etsy keep this strength up? I believe so. Actually, I believe its growth will get even better. Due to the pandemic, more people are using Etsy than ever before. Sure, many of them only visit to buy fashionable face masks. But I fully anticipate that initial singn up to Etsy will lead to more purchases.

Etsy’s potential over the next 10 years is terrific. The market size for the types of products on its platform is at least $100 billion annually. Making their real potential market possibly closer to $250 billion. The company is expected to report around $1.6 billion in sales for 2020. I think Etsy will be much bigger 10 years from now.

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