Shares of the company ViaDerma (OTCMKTS:VDRM) skyrocketed almost 1,000% this week after the pharmaceutical maker put out its outlook for 2021. VDRM usually goes unnoticed, so many people may not know the name. So what is important to know about this penny stock right now?

First, investors should understand that ViaDerma is a specialty company that trades over the counter. Add that to its penny-stock status and you will see why it is unfamiliar to most.

With this in mind, here are some important points about ViaDerma and VDRM stock right now:

  • It has been active since 2014, thanks to founder Dr. Christopher Otiko.
  • The company is based in Marina Del Ray, California.
  • ViaDerma creates and markets pharmaceutical products.
  • The company also licenses its technology to other industry players.
  • Its top product is Vitastem.
  • Vitastem is a topical antibiotic based on tetracycline .
  • Patients use Vitastem for acne, cuts, wounds, eczema, burns, infections, psoriasis and a variety of other problems.
  • According to ViaDerma, the product is unique because it treats so many conditions.
  • Plus, Vitastem is available now and registered with the FDA
  • Another key factor in Vitastem is that it lets pharmaceutical companies apply different active drugs in a topical delivery.
  • This gives ViaDerma the power of licensing the delivery method of Vitastem to other big companies in the industry.
  • Investors should know that ViaDerma is going after multiple large markets.
  • For example, the company puts the market for topical antibiotics at $6 billion per year.

The Truth About VDRM Stock

So what is the bottom line about ViaDerma and VDRM? And why are shares skyrocketing?

The move is probably because of the company forecast for 2021. In the report, ViaDerma said 2020 was a great year. It released a new pain product, received more financing and had big clients test its money-making Vitastem.

Looking forward into 2021 then, that could mean it’s possible for ViaDerma to take advantage of its 2020 successes and etch out even more profits. But, as with any penny stock, and especially those in the pharma industry, tread lightly. As quickly as they go up, those gains could vanish.

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