Nancy Pelosi, the DNC Speaker of the House from California, has jumped onto the Tesla bandwagon.

On Dec. 22, Pelosi purchased twenty-five call options on Tesla, all with an expiration of 18th of March 2022 and the strike price of $500, according to an official public filing. The value of the move is estimated to be between $500,001 and $1,000,000.

“Pelosi and her husband enjoy taking long-term positions on options,” wrote, who wrote about the move, saying that Tesla ended at $640.34 on the date of purchase, “which means the per contract price was probably within the range of $300-$330 each, as Tesla’s options have a large amount of extrinsic value (volatility and time).”

Telsa joined the S&P 500 right before Pelosi’s buy. 

But the company may gain more from the country’s “democratic wave” than from Pelosi’s move, according to a recent report by analyst Daniel Ives.

“A Biden Presidency and DNC Senate is a bullish foundation and a possible ‘game changer’ for Tesla and the overall EV market, with a more environmental agenda over the coming years,” said Ives, going on to predict that a bigger focus on tax credits and other incentives could benefit Tesla, in addition to Fisker, General Motors, and other companies.

Tesla is among the S&P listed companies expected to report their numbers this week. Tesla is anticipated to reveal net income of $1 billion, which is $1.04 per share. This is on a total sales of $10.5 billion after the market ends on Wednesday, according to a FactSet survey of 22 analysts.

In this same time a year previous, Tesla reported earnings of 42.8 cents per share on total sales of $7.4 billion and net income totaling $143 million.

The stock has increased 99.9% since the company’s last earnings report on Oct. 21.

Tesla went higher Friday, ending at $846.64 and went even further in after-hours trading on the Nasdaq. 

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