President Joe Biden has said he is willing to negotiate terms for the upcoming round of economic relief payments, which may show that fewer people will end up getting the anticipated benefit.

While going over his plans to help the economy, Biden said he understands that things might not happen exactly as he planned them in his large $1.9 trillion package.

“For one, you know I proposed the additional direct payment of $1,400 to Americans,” Biden stated. “Well, there’s potential for folks to say, ‘Are the lines in the right spot? Should that money go to someone earning over X-amount?’ I’m willing to negotiate.”

President Biden continued, saying he chose the terms because he believed they were “reasonable,” while admitting it was a “bit of a moving target.”

Some Republicans would need to agree for the legislation green-lighting the new stimulus to pass the Senate. 

But conservatives are anxious of the program’s total price. Giving cash to fewer people – or decreasing check amounts – might help appease the GOP.

The $1,400 amount has also come under fire from some Democrats, who say it is not enough.

Democrats pledged $2,000 stimulus checks. With a check for $600 being given in December, the number of $1,400 would make the total $2,000.

Individuals making up to a $75,000 income, or couples making up to $150,000 received the $600 stimulus payment. In addition, recipients also got a $600 per child bonus.

People making more than $87,000 and couples making greater than $174,000 were not eligible for the payments.

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