Bitcoin (BTC) is almost at the moment of seeing broader acceptance, Elon Musk has said in a Clubhouse conversation.

Clubhouse is an audio social media platform that is invite-only. Members can join conversations which are a lot like digital private conferences.

During the talk with Andressen Horowitz and other top investors, Musk was asked about Bitcoin’s future.

Recently Musk put the word “Bitcoin” in his bio on Twitter, triggering the price of Bitcoin to increase by more than 14% in just 30 minutes.

After the event, Bitcoin investors were highly excited for positive comments about bitcoin from the Tesla CEO.

Musk responded, according to executives who were able to be a part of the chat, that:

“I do believe Bitcoin is a good thing. I support Bitcoin. I think it is on the verge of being broadly accepted by establishment finance.”

A partner at 10T Holdings, Dan Tapiero, responded with positive sentiment

“It feels good that @elonmusk is a #Bitcoin supporter close to my age and also the richest man in the world. Was getting tired of Bezos/Gates/Buffett/…old guys in older tech or no tech and not bitcoiners. With a visionary as example maybe there is hope for my generation.”

As Cointelegraph has said, prominent Bitcoin buyers like billionaire Tim Draper have been requesting that Musk and Tesla accept BTC directly, which would trigger a massive boost in Bitcoin’s global awareness. 

They have also reported that the price of Bitcoin has shown weakness after the “Elon pump” to $38,000 on Friday. Traders are watching the technical resistance at $34,500 and $35,000 that must be pushed through to avoid more downside in the near term.

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