The price of the cryptocurrency dogecoin (DOGE) has soared over 55% on Sunday, setting a record all-time high, after rapper Snoop Dogg jumped into DOGE along with Gene Simmons in tweeting an image of a Shiba Inu, the breed of dog that represents the DOGE crypto-token.

The price of the token begun trading near $0.056 at the start of the day and increased to $0.0872 on Sunday before going back down to $0.084, higher by 55% and beating the all-time record of $0.078 last month. Year to date DOGE has gained over 1,380%.

This Saturday, the rapper sent out this tweet:

Hours after this, Musk, who is also Tesla’s CEO, tweeted a Lion King-themed picture of himself holding up his fellow DOGE lovers. 

Simmons was in Musk’s image due to the rocker tweeting his own DOGE support early Saturday with his usual modesty, proclaiming himself the “God Of Dogecoin.”

The Tweets by the three were enough to trigger the cryptocurrency to increase four ranks on the list of the most valuable cryptos. Coming in a seventh place, above Bitcoin Cash (11) and Litecoin (9). DOGE now has a value of $10.8 billion.
Pop star Kevin Jonas also jumped in with his support for the token by tweeting Saturday evening:

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