Apple passed a milestone this week as the technology giant said that all of its 270 retail stores in the U.S. were now open again for the first time since Covid-19 began spreading.

Shares of the company rose 4.1% to a price of $126.28 at last check during this writing. Apple shares fell 6.6% in the previous week as tech stocks went out of favor with Wall Street. 

Apple closed all its stores starting in March of 2020 as covid infections began to rise. Since then, they have reopened and reclosed stores due to local pandemic conditions. Apple’s online store has of course been up continuously.

Last week, retailer Target said it would add Apple shops inside more than 17 of its stores by the end of the fall. 

Apple also beat South Korea’s Samsung as the world’s top smartphone seller in the fourth quarter.

And last month, Apple was reportedly said to be negotiating buy sensors for self-driving cars. With the company working on their autonomous vehicle project for over three years. The sensors Apple is seeking to buy will enable their car’s computer to see its surroundings, the sources claimed. 

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