Americans might soon see more stimulus payments hit their banks as soon as mid-March. The reason? Lawmakers are pushing a $1.9 trillion covid relief bill. A vote will take place in the Senate, and lawmakers are anticipating to have the bill enacted by March 14.

But now, some folks in Washington are claiming a single $1,400 stimulus isn’t enough. So they’re calling on President Biden to issue recurring stimulus checks until covid is completely over.

Lawmakers are now pushing for a new system featuring recurring stimulus until the crisis is over rather than using one-off payments that must be voted on every time. 

The goal of these recurring payments would be to give additional resources for struggling families, all the while pumping money into the economy to aid its recovery.

This is not the first time the idea has been proposed.

Back in January, over 50 House members requested that Biden support a plan for $2,000 monthly checks until covid is over. 

The lawmakers did not say how much the recurring checks would be worth. Rather, they stressed the importance of giving those in need regular payments.

But at the other end of things, there are lawmakers who think the current $1,400 stimulus is too much. 

Many have expressed their concerns that upcoming payments are not targeted enough toward the country’s neediest.

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