If you bought Amazon just ten years back and kept holding, the value of your stake would have increased by 1,660%. An investment into Netflix would have given you a 1,720% profit across that same timeline. You won’t always be able to buy a stock at its best price, but investing in great companies that have long-term advantages in growth markets will help you find big gains. With that in focus, continue reading for a look at 2 companies that have long term market crushing potential.

1. Match Group

Match Group Even during covid, the firm grew its revenue by 17% to reach a total revenue of $2.4 billion. Sales grew not as well as the 19% annual increase the company reported for 2019, but Tinder still maintains its rank as the top non-video-game app on the planet in terms of gross income, and it’s obvious there is still lots of momentum for the company.

The dating market is still growing. Bringing more subscribers on board and increasing revenue per user should mean bigger profits. Growth for online dating is a safe bet, and Match has a great shot at keeping their leadership position.

2. Activision Blizzard

After experiencing a rough patch in 2018, Activision Blizzard’s (ATVI) stock price has roared back. The video game creator is a hit-dependent business, and no new major releases combined with lowering performance for some of its games meant that its growth went to a crawl.

However, big sales for the company’s Call of Duty series and the release of a very popular mobile version have helped change its fortunes.

In addition to Call of Duty, The company also makes blockbuster games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch. After the success of Call of Duty: Mobile, leaders seem committed to bringing more of its games to mobile devices.

While game product life cycles cause the company’s numbers to be uneven, Activision Blizzard has overall done a world-class job of launching and maintaining lasting game brands. The publisher will keep a leading role in the future of gaming and its stock seems ready to give big wins over the years to come.

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