According to PC Gamer, AMD’s Navi 12 GPU, first introduced on Apple’s Macbook Pros, could be the first crypto mining specific product by the company. What’s more, the new version of the card even lacks video outputs.

This implies that their Navi 12 card will not support “video core next,” which is a technology required for PC gaming purposes, and making it a perfect candidate for crypto mining. According to reports, the new GPU will have the ability to mine Ethereum.

If the rumor becomes a reality, PC Gamer says AMD might be trying to keep gaming GPUs for gamers and give crypto miners their own product.

The release of a possible exclusive crypto mining AMD GPU comes after Nvidia’s launching a product to mine ETH.

However, as reporters have pointed out, Nvidia said it would begin limiting the mining of cryptocurrencies using its new GPUs.

Both companies’ seem to want to keep gaming cards only in the hands of gamers, as the battle between miners and gamers is a brutal one. The “war” increased GPU prices greatly, enraging gamers who struggled to find decently priced cards.

With the ongoing crypto bull market, mining activity has surged. This surge has forced companies like Nvidia and AMD to launch exclusive crypto mining products.

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