Overall, Wall Street analysts continue to be hopeful on Apple. Not much has changed with the rating and price target distribution of the stock. It is still a strong buy recommendation, with a target of around $148 a share.

But one of the most eye-catching reports came from Wedbush’s Dan Ives, known as the “the bull of bulls.” 

He believes that Apple can nearly double in the future, as it goes to a $3 trillion market cap.

At the forefront of this analyst’s prediction is the iPhone. Dan believes the 5G super cycle will be a huge win for the tech giant, and a vital upside source to revenue estimates.

A few things support this idea: nearly 350 million out of 950 million iPhones are past due for an upgrade within the 5G cycle; and Apple’s phone sales might hit 250 million sold vs. the 220 million being estimated.

And according to Citi’s Jim Suva, Apple will hit the $3 trillion mark thanks to the company’s in-development electric vehicle.

Jim says Apple’s Car will be a value creator for investors, but also warns about low margins. The automotive industry is highly competitive, which would chip away at Apple’s large 38% gross margin in 2020.

Then there is Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty, who also gave her predictions. She took side against the idea that the iPhone production cuts are a serious problem for Apple.

The analyst says “the supply chain data points look like noise instead of an indicator of demand”. She also uses her research team to claim that iPhone 12 orders have increased, rather than decreased.

Twitter users give their predictions

One analyst asked Twitter users what they believed was the most important topic impacting Apple this past week. Here’s their response:

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