Another series of stimulus payments might give a boost to stocks but especially for bitcoin, according to a new poll released this week by Mizuho Securities.

The poll found that two of five people plan to invest a portion of their stimulus into bitcoin and stocks.

Based on the numbers, around 10% of the payments might be put into the world’s most popular digital asset.

That’s inline with other surveys and the narrative of a surge in investor activity during the pandemic.

Analysts have speculated that boredom combined with earlier stimulus sparked an increase in the opening of online brokerage accounts and bitcoin wallets.

Going into the numbers, the survey found that nearly 20% of people expected to invest as much as 20% into bitcoin and or stocks, while 13% wanted to invest 20% to 80%.

And between bitcoin and stocks, the digital asset was the winner by far.

Most have already got their money. The payments, coming through direct deposits, hit accounts this week. Checks and debit cards will begin showing up in the next few weeks, according to the IRS.

This all comes after bitcoin has shown great volatility, pulling back early this week after surging beyond the $60,000 record for the first time ever. With more people looking to jump in, the digital currency might see a return to that record at any time.

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