Coinbase Global, the largest U.S. crypto-brokerage has announced plans to offer 114.9 million shares in a new direct-listed IPO that could value the company at over $100 billion.

In their amended S-1 SEC filing, Coinbase announced it plans to offer up to 114.9 million shares in its Nasdaq listing. Coinbase will be put on the Nasdaq using the symbol “COIN.”

The company said prices of its Class A and Class B stock in private sales this year were between $200 and $375.01.

However, Coinbase also said that recent prices in private sales might have little or no connection to the company’s initial price. The filing did not mention a trading date.

Direct listings, which are different from normal IPOs, seek to level the field for average investors and give companies another way of going public. In December, the SEC changed a rule to allow the NYSE to include direct floor listings.

Companies that use direct-listing IPOs sell new shares and bring in new capital in one transaction directly on the stock exchange without underwriters being involved (who often take large fees for their services).

Coinbase has quickly become the go-to exchange for buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies.

The San Francisco company raised around $537.4 million from early investors. Its last investment round raised $300 million in 2018, and put the company’s value at $8 billion.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, continues to sell well over $55,000. At last check, the cryptocurrency was lower by 1.38% at $55,044, according to Coindesk. Bitcoin hit the $60,000 figure recently and has gained more than 22% over the past week.

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