Fresh off passing his last relief bill, President Biden is bringing forward his next big priority, a $3 trillion program of money for domestic uses and infrastructure.

Biden met privately this week with Senate Democrats as lawmakers started laying the foundation with measures for developing hospitals and green energy systems. Like the $1.9 trillion former plan enacted this month, the new program would also have “family friendly” policies, this time around focusing on paid family leave and education.

According to a person familiar with the move, who wanted to stay anonymous, the program is still being discussed, with a combined $3 trillion in spending proposed for quality of life and the economy.

While the White House wants a bipartisan bill, Democrats have hinted at going it alone if they have to.

“We must get it done,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., before the meeting with President Biden at the senators’ retreat.

The infrastructure plan would provide around $1 trillion for bridges, roads, rail lines, electrical charging stations and growing the nation’s cellular network, among other things. The goal, it is claimed, is to aid the change to green energy while helping America’s economic competitiveness.

A second part of the program is to include free community college, paid family leave and universal pre-kindergarten, which are all being said to be “investments into workers.”

No part of the program has been completed and final details are subject to change.

President Biden is thought to be rolling out his budget in the coming weeks as lawmakers continue forward on the infrastructure plan, which they are saying could be ready by summer.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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