Bitcoin lowered amid a wider set back in assets that had previously rode a surge of stimulus-triggered optimism among traders.

The world’s top cryptocurrency decreased by as much as 6.7% down to $50,440. The cryptocurrency, which is down for the fifth consecutive day, is in its longest losing stretch since December.

The speculation is that stimulus checks will be used on essential items, rather than invested into markets.

An overall Bitcoin downturn is being “made worse by the move to price across different asset classes” and away from industries such as technology, says Vijay Ayyar, an executive at crypto exchange Luno.

Bitcoin on Thursday briefly went under its average 50 day price, which was its key support this year, according to Miller Tabak. A “lower number under that level would frighten a lot of momentum investors,” said the company’s top market strategist.

The world’s top crypto is around $10,000 below a record high of $61,742 which was set previously in March, but is still 700% higher over the previous 12 months. The coin shot up momentarily on Wednesday after Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, announced the automaker will accept Bitcoinas payment for cars. Still, it is lower by around 12% since Friday.

“Near-term, what occurred yesterday, means the beginning of a new set of lower lows and lower highs, and that’s referred to as a downturn,” Julius de Kempenaer, of, said. “It means we are now seeing a downturn in the daily numbers and it also means potential upside is limited.”

The token continues mainly as a tool for speculation and is not likely to replace alternative stores of wealth, according to a former JPMorgan Chase & Co. leader, Blythe Masters.

Others say that institutional investment into Bitcoin is increasing as part of attempts to diversify portfolios and protect against risks like rapid inflation.

“The data we see is greatly from institutions, and nothing has altered their opinion on the effect of stimulus on inflation and how cryptocurrencies are a guard against that,” said Matt Long, head of distribution at crypto platform OSL.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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