Silver is among the best trade in 2021. The lack of Silver around the globe is becoming more obvious. Silver at refineries is running out and getting your hands on real Silver is getting hard. In fact, Silver is now more rare than Gold is, which of course means there is risk of a Silver squeeze happening soon.

And don’t forget about Biden’s “Green Revolution.”

Since the stimulus package has gone through, Democrats are turning their attention to Biden’s goal of ramping up renewable energy and solar technology to fight “climate change.”

Silver is an important part of renewable energy and solar technology. Based on my research, photovoltaic demand for this precious metal might go past 3000 tonnes this year – and that is only the start.

As governments around the globe push for more forceful environmental rules to fight climate change – this might might drive Silver through the roof.

Long term, I see a ton of potential for the #2 precious metal, which makes it seem very attractive at the current prices.

Where is it going next? Watch’s latest video to find out:

Author: Scott Dowdy

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