A growing number of tech industry insiders believe the semiconductor shortage, which is causing havoc on everything from computer production to the auto industry, will be here for a while.

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins is among them: “I believe it will require some years to solve if only due to the increasing demand,” Robbins said to Yahoo Finance. “We’ll see a few quarters of true stress on the supply chain, and then I think it will become more predictable.”

Added Robbins, “We must battle our way through it.”

The huge demand for computing equipment during the pandemic has put major stress on the semiconductor industry. And that has led Ford and General Motors to bring back production of very profitable pickup trucks. Also, computer manufacturers have warned about possible shortages of laptop computers.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger shares Robbins’ worries on the shortage.

“It takes a couple of years,” Gelsinger said. “We can’t create fabs overnight, it takes years to get built.” Intel has invested $20 billion to create two new cpu-making plants in Arizona in a drive to address the huge demand.

And now, even the government is looking to address the problem.

President Biden promised in February that he would push for $37 billion in funding to help chip manufacturing within America.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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