Apple (AAPL) is creating a huge battery storage project at its solar-panel farm with Tesla’s (TSLA) utility-scale Megapack batteries.

The Verge reports that Apple will be utilizing 85 Megapacks that will hold the energy produced by the 130-megawatt solar farm, and will be able to store 240 megawatt-hours, an amount that might be able to power 7,000 houses for one day.

The project is a part of Apple’s aim of becoming totally carbon neutral for its products and supply chain by 2030.

The tech company said that over 110 of its suppliers have also signed on to using 100% renewable energy when creating Apple products, with about 8 gigawatts of green energy creation being planned. It is reportedly equal to removing 3.4 million cars from the road. It also means that within ten years, all of Apple’s products will have no climate impact whatsoever.

Tesla created the Megapack in 2019, announcing that it was easier to install and gave 60% more energy density than its Powerpack, giving a “significant” savings in time and costs when compared to other storage systems.

Yet Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP for policy, environment, and social initiatives, told Reuters the tech giant also understands the challenges of the project due to the unreliability of wind and solar energy: “The challenge with green energy — wind and solar — is that it is intermittent. If we can get success, and we show it works, it takes away from the concerns about intermittency and helps the grid stabilize.”

Apple said it plans to publish the results of its project in the future.

Author: Scott Dowdy


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