As millions of Americans are still waiting for their third relief check, support is already building in Washington for the government to do another direct payment.

Over 75 lawmakers have are now urging more cash be given to U.S. households — and the members of the Senate and House don’t want to stop there. They are also seeking recurring payments.

Senators who back regular payments are asking President Biden to include them in his next spending program, a multi-trillion-dollar program to improve bridges, roads, water systems and other U.S. infrastructure.

Just a week after Biden became President, 56 House Democrats sent a letter asking the White House to enact recurring stimulus payments. No exact amount was offered, but some suggested $2,000 monthly payments.

Then, as now, support for additional stimulus checks is far from widespread in congress. Earlier this month, the Democrats, who hold a majority in Congress, struggled to force through President Biden’s $1.9 trillion rescue program, which included $1,400 checks.

The bill passed using a streamlined process that did not require support from the GOP — who all voted no.

And, to get support from their own party, Democratic leaders had to change the income limits for the checks, to more directly target the funds toward low-income households.

It’s not certain if Biden would agree to a fourth relief payment. Thee has been no comment from the administration on whether he would accept a stimulus checks being added to the infrastructure plan.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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