Google recently purchased a cutting-edge 3D audio company that could lead to new features being introduced into their Pixel Buds that compete with Apple’s own product line.

A filing at the US Patent Office has been discovered that reveals the tech company has purchased Dysonics and its IP, going back to December.

That IP (Intellectual Property) includes patents for binaural sound. As some have noted, this might lead to Google introducing spatial audio support into their next version of the Pixel Buds, similar to the features inside Apple’s new AirPods Max and Pro products.

Dysonics’ co-founder Robert Dalton Jr. posted to social media to announce his new role at Google as an audio engineer. Other former Dysonics engineers have also joined the same division — one former employee said he is now working “with a group that creates audio algorithms for Google’s hardware.” However, he did not say which hardware he was working on exactly.

While the Pixel Buds seems like a likely bet, they could instead be creating unknown products for the company. Like a new mixed reality product, since Google also purchased AR glasses maker North in 2020.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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