Amazon (AMZN) has announced this week it will start using biometric technology at a Whole Foods store in Seattle that will let customers pay for their purchases with nothing but a scan of their palm print.


The system, called Amazon One, lets users link a credit card to their palm print, which they can use for payment.

Other Whole Foods locations will offer the technology soon, and this could be just the beginning. Amazon intends to license this technology, which it says will have a wide range of benefits for access and payments, including at stadiums, retail stores, and offices.


Amazon One was rolled out at the company’s cashierless Amazon Go stores to aid its entry. To sign up, customers simply put their card into a reader, hold their palm over the device, then follow the guide to link their card to their palm print.

The technology uses computer vision to analyze the lines of the palm, creating a personal digital signature in seconds. Once sign-up is done, customers simply hold their palm over the contactless device at checkout to process a payment.

The e-commerce leader created the system to improve user experiences, including at checkout counters, entering a location, or showing a badge at work. Amazon says the tech is a “fast, reliable, and secure solution to identify people or authorize a transaction.”


Author: Steven Sinclaire

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