So far, over 2 million people have signed their names to a petition calling for $2,000 monthly checks for every American citizen. This petition was added to in 2020 by Stephanie Bonin, a Colorado small business owner.

In Bonin’s press release, she says she is among the millions of people who fear for their future because of the coronavirus crisis. “With schools and businesses closing across the nation to control the spread of this pandemic, many people have lost their source of income. While others are forced to stay home. This is terrible for working families.”

“I’m asking Congress to give families a $2,000 payment for adults and $1,000 for kids starting immediately, and moving into monthly checks for the rest of the crisis,” said Bonin. “Otherwise, unemployed people and workers living with lowered work hours will not be able to pay their rent or buy food,” she said.

The last check, which passed previously this year, amounted to $1,400 for each eligible person. Since the start of the pandemic, the IRS has given almost $800 billion in Economic Impact Payments.

Bonin’s petition on has gotten a lot of support. So much so that the platform has put it among the top 10 petitions of 2020.

More than 75 Democrats have called for monthly stimulus payments. However, support among moderate Democrats and most Republicans seems to not be there.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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