It is a revolutionary time for the energy industry. Electric vehicles and batteries are beginning to replace internal combustion engines. As the revolution continues, some penny stocks might soar as this transition continues.

Small companies may create products that can solve the problems harming the transition to a zero-carbon world. As a consequence, these following two penny stocks might jump 10 times or more.

OZOP Energy

OZOP Energy says that its charging systems “can be set up within days in urban areas.” In addition to giving greater convenience, the speed of these installations seem to point to the systems being cheaper than competitors.

The firm is developing its chargers into a “Modular Network.” This “will create a new form of electrical supply,” according to the firm. This could power the OZOP’s microgrids. These grids would allow businesses to a source of electricity even if the power grid fails. The company’s microgrids also enable businesses to utilize the power that their renewables provide in whatever way they wish.

For example, companies can sell the power that their solar energy panels produce. They can direct the remaining amounts to lowering their own electricity bills.


Next is SunHydrogen. The company says that it is “creating a breakthrough, cheap tech to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water, including wastewater and seawater.” The company added that it uses “water electrolysis” along with “cheaper nanoparticles that copy photosynthesis … to divide water from hydrogen.” This process is inexpensive. Which means it could one day power planes, boats and other vehicles.

As we have said before, investing in companies that are creating brand new technologies is very risky. But in this case, SunHydrogen’s CTO, Dr. Joun Lee, has published more than 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals. And she has “studied the application of novel 1-d nanomaterials for photovoltaics and artificial photosynthetic systems,” the company says. So the technology seems to have a good foundation.

SunHydrogen’s current cap is $279 million, which is not low but it is also not much lower than many other very promising, pre-revenue tech hopefuls.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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