Apple is seeking to hire a manager for “alternative payments,” hinting at its desire to enter the cryptocurrency sector

A job posted online this week asks for job candidates that have experience in new payment solutions. Key qualifications include having over five years of experience in things like digital wallets, “pay later” services, and cryptocurrencies.

The manager, who will be stationed in Apple’s Cupertino headquarters in California, will be the person who creates new business deals with “alternative payment partners.”

The tech giant is looking for a new manager as it prepares to support bitcoin payments through its Wallet app. The App store listing for Coinbase shows that the app supports transactions being made using the Apple Wallet, but there are not yet details about how this integration will proceed.

Coinbase’s website says it “does not yet support Apple Pay, but we hope to have a safer and faster way to use cryptocurrency on iOS soon.”

Crypto enthusiasts and investors have taken Apple’s job ad as proof that the company is looking to start allowing cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Tesla said in February it would allow bitcoin payments, causing a 16% spike in bitcoin’s price. But the EV maker soon backpeddled on this, citing climate concerns.

Apple has so far not issued any public statements about its cryptocurrency plans. Apple Pay vice president Jennifer Bailey said in 2019 that the company believes crypto has “interesting long-term possibilities.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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