Bitcoin might be priced at an eye-catching $450,000 by the close of this year, while $135,000 could be the “worst scenario.”

This is according to analyst PlanB, who this weekend released his latest bullish BTC price prediction.

Known as the inventor of the stock-to-flow Bitcoin forecasting models, PlanB has routinely bucked the overall mood in past months.

Even as BTC/USD has retested previous lows, the analyst is firmly fixed on a better mid-term goal for the top cryptocurrency.

Now, even his “worst-case scenario” for Bitcoin would still have it trading at $47,000 in Aug. A small reversal in Sept. puts the lower target at $43,000 only to then go to $63,000 in Oct. — near the current all-time high.

Things then get even hotter, with $98,000 in Nov. and a whopping $135,000 by the end of 2021.

With this model, Bitcoin is four months away from reaching its all-time high — a prediction that beats many bearish models currently being touted by traders.

This includes Josh Rager, who has said recently that $64,500 could have been this cycle’s high — something that PlanB has specifically denounced multiple times.

“Wait until you see my base scenario and best scenarios! Hint: best case is $450K in Dec., he said about what Bitcoin could do in 2021.

Meanwhile, the weekend had Bitcoin experiencing problems.

Sunday’s low was at $33,337 at the time of this writing, with BTC/USD lowering 5% on the day and reversing much of last week’s gains.

Calls for more decreases are growing from numerous sources, with Robert Kiyosaki, the famous author, being among the latest voices predicting trouble.

“Biggest bubble in history now getting bigger., he said about the overall market over the weekend.

“Biggest crash in history approaching. Buy more silver and gold. Waiting for Bitcoin to lower to $24k. Crash is the best time to get wealthy. Take care.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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