When it comes to the stock market, winners tend to keep winning. When a stock is on fire, there are usually great reasons why this is the case, so focusing on companies that are doing great and have already given great gains is one way to build your wealth. With this in mind, here are two companies whose prices have doubled over the previous couple of years and still seem well-stationed to double again.


Before the pandemic, Etsy has had already made itself the premier purveyor of custom products, as well as craft vintage goods. On its platform, buyers can get an endless assortment of one-of-a-kind things. Demand for their offerings accelerated last year and is showing no sign of slowing down.

Etsy has a scale no other handmade goods market can match. It sells 92 million unique products from 4.7 million sellers and over 90 million buyers. Gross merchandise sales grew by 132% y/y in the first quarter this year. This helped push revenue up by 142%, while its profits increased over 11-fold.

The company is keeping and even growing its gains from 2020. Management took note during the first-quarter earnings call that the company was “focused on pushing frequency” and found “buyer triggers.” As one example, management stressed its update tab, “It is very encouraging that now 13% of app visits include a look at the updates tab, and 27% of these visits have buyers clicking on one or greater listings that we have in updates.” This helps show the work that Etsy is doing to continue to attract and increase sales.


When it comes to GPUs, no company can get near NVIDIA. It created the processing chips that allow computers and consoles to produce lifelike imagery in video games, and it is the top dog in the sector with a 81% share as of Q1 of 2021. NVIDIA’s gaming sector sales increased 106% y/y in its fiscal 2022 first quarter. That alone should be reason to buy the stock.

But NVIDIA’s biggest profit source might not be the gaming industry soon. Its cutting-edge hardware and software have become the industry standard in numerous accelerating technologies, including data centers and close, and AI. The company’s data center sales, which are being fueled by all of those important trends, increased 79% in the most recent period, and there is still a long runway for growth ahead.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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