When it comes to choosing stocks to keep for the long term, it is wise to focus on the underlying business. 

To win your investment dollars, a corporation should be able to show a strong history of growth, have a durable competitive moat, and have lots of tailwinds that can help you be sure it will keep bringing in prosperity.

And regardless of which path the economy takes as the United States looks ahead, there are some companies that are well-positioned to take advantage of almost anything that can happen in the future — which is why the following two stocks are great candidates to have in your investment portfolio for the next ten years or so.


Facebook is an important social media website, Gen Xers, as well as baby boomers — even if they do not all favor the same types of programs. The company also owns Instagram and WhatsApp, and it is an advertising behemoth. Its dominance in the digital ad sector should keep going in the foreseeable future as no other social media website comes meet its reach and scope.

The company has impressive figures too. Q2 revenue has 56% higher than the same time frame last year, while profit more than doubled, reaching $12.4 billion. Net income increased by 101% y/y to $10.4 billion. Daily and monthly user counts were also up by 6.9% and 7.2%, respectively.


The pandemic has caused many business owners to increase their retail operations online, and Shopify gives a platform that allows this transition to be convenient and seamless. The company gives entrepreneurs and larger enterprises the digital tools they need to build and grow their businesses, earning a piece of their transactions in exchange.

With consumer spending increasing, Shopify has reported strong growth over and over again. In their Q2, the company’s revenue went up by 57% y/y/ to $1.1 billion. As more companies joined its platform, subscription revenue boosted by 70% year over year. Recurring monthly revenue and gross merchandise value also kept going up, increasing by 67% and 40%, respectively.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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