Supporters of the crypto industry in the United States Senate issued an amendment to the bipartisan infrastructure legislation to make certain that miners and cryptocurrency service providers would not be forced to follow the new rules on tax-reporting and cryptocurrency brokers.

The amendment would “make clear that ‘brokers’ mean simply people who conduct transactions on exchanges where clients buy and sell digital assets,” according to a news release.

This means the IRS will not force miners, stakers and crypto companies that provide hardware or software for securing digital assets to report the actions of their customers or cryptocurrency users whose transactions they currently verify.

It also exempts software developers who create digital assets from watching their use if the customers are not their customers.

The amendment was put forward by Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon and Republican Senators Cynthia Lummis from Wyoming and Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania.

In a comment, Wyden said that “investors not paying tax they owe from cryptocurrency is a real issue,” but that the law as written here is too broad and would have applied to people who would not have been able to fulfill this mandate.

“Digital assets aren’t going anywhere,” Lummis said in the written comment. “While a lot more work is to be done, this amendment is a good step toward completely incorporating digital assets into the United States financial sector.”

The changes will cause the bill to raise $5.2 billion under the $28 billion envisaged by the first law, according to a Politico news report citing the Taxation Committee.

The report also revealed that the White House is fighting back against this proposed change, citing an official within the admin. who argued that the sector is using “scare tactics” to change the impact of the new law.

It is expected that the new amendment will be discussed in the coming days, with a vote happening next week.

“The Dem majority today will think of additional amendments, and then we can get this bill to an end very shortly,” Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said during his floor speech this week.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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