Every top currency today, like Ethereum, Bitcoin and Binance Coin, all share one thing — they were trading for just pennies on the dollar during their creation. Now that they have become mainstream, their huge market caps stop their prices from increasing too fast in a short time frame. But the same is not true for altcoins, which are alternative cryptos created after Bitcoin’s launch.

A large part of the over 11,000 altcoins are having a hard time getting traction. But that is not the case for a few that give high risks and high rewards. So let’s talk about two of these altcoins that can deepen your digital wallets. They’ve already brought in a four-digit percentage return over the last few years.

1. Avalanche 

Like Ethereum, Avalanche is a smart contract, programmable token. But it can handle transactions in under a second, whereas the Ether network might take as long as a few hours.

This advancement has heavy implications. By using an oracle coin like ChainLink, Avalanche can connect smart contracts with real-world APIs. This can allow groups to conduct instantaneous transactions given anything from stock market data, future prices, weather forecasts, news, etc.

It is not surprising that crypto traders and investors have already discovered the innovation. The token has gained an amazing 2,440.38% since its start during Sept. 2020. What’s more, this token is not inflationary, as Ether is. I would assume capital inflows will push the value of the token higher. The token has a max supply of 720 million. Also, the Avalanche network destroys some of its fees with each transaction. More than 180,000 such tokens have been burned since Avalanche was started.

2. iExec RLC 

iExec RLC is a new token that gives decentralized and on-demand cloud services. Investors or traders can connect their systems to the iExec network to give computing capacity and get rewards in RLC tokens for doing this. In addition, both data providers and software can monetize their services through the network.

It is more than an academic program. Right now, the company behind iExec RLC is partnering with IBM and Google to increase data security within cloud computing. Similar to the other cryptos, iExec RLC is not inflationary with a max supply of just 87 million. It has brought in 1,048.9% since its creation in 2017.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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