Some programmers have reversed-engineered Twitter’s incoming update to show that new features, including a new Bitcoin tipping feature is in the works.

Leaks and rumors have suggested that Twitter will be including a new ability to use Bitcoin through its “Tip Jar” feature that allows you pay other people through their app.

A well known leaker and programmer, Alessandro Paluzzi, revealed an image of how the upcoming system will work, which seems like it will be built into into Twitter’s current Tip Jar system that is already available on their cell phone app.

Other reports are from a MacRumors blog post that mentions Twitter’s new beta update. This report claims that Bitcoin is not currently available in the Twitter Tip Jar, but the beta’s programming suggests that it could be soon.

According to the leaker, Twitter will make use of Strike to allow for instant and almost feeless Bitcoin moves through the lightning network. And people who want to use the system would only have to link their Strike accounts to do so.

In the thread that came after Paluzzi’s leak, he reported that he reverse engineered it to effectively allow the feature on his cell phone. While the feature is currently inactive and not usable, he could still see what it looked like.

This is the technique of taking the newer updates files, which are either an .ipa file or an .apk file, and decompiling the software to see which features are actually there inside the beta update.

While it is a more complicated than this, it is usually how leakers discover new features in apps and games before they are released to the public. These sorts of leaks can give a lot of insight and are usually accurate, but it still does not give a complete guarantee that the stuff found will be in the final updates.

Twitter’s CEO and founder, Jack Dorsey, is a big supporter of Bitcoin. The billionaire recently had his second company Square start work on creating a Bitcoin hardware based wallet and he has spoken about and shown interest in mining Bitcoin. Given his support of Bitcoin, it would not surprise us if this rumor about a Bitcoin Twitter feature is reality.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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