Getting Congress to accept a monthly stimulus payment seems to be a long shot.

There is, as of right now, a petition asking for Congress and lawmakers to accept a bill that would create a monthly $2,000 check to every eligible person. In addition, families who have children would get another $1,000 for each child in their checking accounts. For a family with four kids with two adults and two children, that is $6,000 per month.

The petition was getting close to 3 million signatures. If they get to that number, says it will be among their most popular petition ever seen on the website.

What is the reality?

It would not be fair to share this story without dealing with the fact that Congress is not likely to approve these monthly payments — even to those still suffering from the effects of coronavirus. While there are many lawmakers supporting the monthly stimulus check bill, it does not seem to be getting traction.

Why? In part, it is because of the political reality within the Senate and the House. Democrats are the party supporting additional aid, while the GOP pushes back.

In Jan., 56 House Dems sent a message to President Biden asking for ongoing checks and insisting that “another check is not enough.”

And the proposal of giving Americans monthly payments has come across as a “fringe” idea, but over 150 economists — including Jason Furman, the former leader of the Council of Economic Advisers — have also asked for the administration to give more help.

Given that not a single GOP lawmaker in the House or Senate voted to support the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan back in March, it is improbable they would now support a monthly aid package.

Is there any hope?

Never say never when you are talking about United States politics. As more Americans add their names to the petition website, it is possible that some hearts will change, and a fresh plan for more stimulus could be created. We will keep waiting and watching.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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