Despite the pleas for another round of stimulus checks as the delta variant goes through the United States, Washington was cool to the idea of another payment to Americans.

President Biden and Congress’ Dem leaders have moved to other agendas. But some of the nation’s governors have pushed their states to give new stimulus checks. In fact, California just mailed a second round. And, the huge stimulus bill the president signed back in March had $350 billion for states and local governments that might be used for additional direct payments.

Here are the states that are giving relief money, to help citizens cover expenses or pay debt.

States now giving stimulus checks


California’s new round of checks has already started with officials telling taxpayers to “look out for checks in your mailbox or in your account.” The country’s most populous state is using its money to make these payments — not federal funds.

The new payments will be $600 to $1,100.


Florida is planning to give $1,000 checks to teachers and paying first responders — including police, paramedics, EMTs and firefighters — up to $1,000 for their many sacrifices they have been making during the crisis.

New Mexico

New Mexico’s stimulus has devoted $5 million to helping lower-income people who were not eligible for federal stimulus checks. Over 4,000 households in the state got up to $750 in financial assistance.

The state’s Human Services Dept. said in an early Aug. press release that the whole $5 million was not given out, so another round of checks would be given “within the next two months.”


Tennessee’s government passed a bill giving teachers hazard pay for getting through the worst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lawmakers had originally supported a 2% raise for teachers, but it was ultimately changed with a one-time payment of $1,000. With part-time teachers getting $500.


While Texas does not have a statewide program for relief payments, some local school areas are giving their employees stimulus checks as retention bonuses.

In the Dallas suburb of Irving, the bonus is up to $2,000. In Denton, teachers will get $500 and a 2% pay boost if they come back to work in the fall.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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