After eight days of getting delays, some families report they finally started getting money for the Sept. 15 payment of Biden’s child tax credit. But not all eligible people got their money, and, strangely, some are saying that the IRS shorted them.

“We got $500. We should be receiving $800,” said Travis Mack, 46, who is a resident of New Mexico.

The family has three kids who are eight, seven and four.

Mack says he is happy he finally got some money to cover expenses, the family’s groceries along with other bills, but he is perplexed about why the payment is lower than what he got in August and July.

The family did not get the Sept. payment on time and that he was not sure what happened.

Early this past Friday afternoon, he finally got a partial payment. He said it was the $250 for the two older kids but nothing for the youngest, who should be receiving $300.

Mack, who is in the gas and oil industry, said his wife’s income went down by around $2,000 to $2,500 one month after the covid-19 pandemic hit last year and she stopped working in retail to homeschool their kids.

“We were making it but it did put a big strain on us,” he said.

The Sept. 15 monthly payout for the advance credit did not arrived as was planned for a sizable group of American families. They waited for their funds – and any answers from the IRS.

The IRS has not revealed a number for how many families have not received their monthly payment for Sept. or why this happened. But the amount seems to be significant, given the number of complaints on social media and emails sent to the Detroit Free Press.

Millions of Americans did get their advance child tax credit on September 15, but somehow another glitch caught other people in a strange trap.

Many, just like Mack, report that they got the payments in August and July and then nothing for Sept..

Mack said the family was caught in a different glitch in August.

The August payment, which was scheduled for Aug. 13, was delayed for over 4 million people who ended up getting checks for their August credit instead of direct deposit as happened in July.

Late September 17, the IRS stated: “We are aware of some people not getting their September payments, although they got payments in August and July.”

The IRS continued: “These people may not yet be able to get a current status on the website. The IRS is reviewing the situation, and we will reveal more details as soon as we can.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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