Tesla will witness its ‘strongest quarter ever,’ according to a Piper Sandler analyst. Credit Suisse says that the stock has showed ‘resilience.’


Tesla’s third quarter will be the company’s “strongest ever,” according to an analyst, who repeated his overweight rating of the electric car maker and increased his 2021 estimates.

Shares of the company at last check were around $785.10.

The Piper Sandler analyst, Alexander Potter, who’s Tesla price target is $1,800, said in his note that “Q3 will be Tesla’s strongest ever, and we are boosting our 2021 estimates because of this.”

Potter stated Tesla would give 894,000 cars in 2021, up from his previous estimate of 846,000.

He also increased his third-quarter delivery number to 23,000, “after reports of stronger production.”

“People often think about deliveries, but this metric maybe gets too much attention,” he said. “We are more focused on margins, which we believe could be especially strong in the third quarter.”

Electric vehicles now represent 12% of sales in China, with 10% in Europe and 3% in the United States, Potter said.

Electric-vehicle penetration has steadily gone higher in past months, especially in China and Europe, he said.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in his email over the weekend that this will be Tesla’s “most intense delivery week ever,” Electrek said. Musk thanked the workers for their “hardcore delivery push.”

Separately, Credit Suisse Dan Levy stated that he expected Q3 deliveries to go from 225,000 to 230,000, compared with the sell-side expectation of 223,000. Upside was limited by the supply, the analyst stated.

Levy gave the company a neutral rating and a target price of $800.

He said “quarter-close deliveries during a widening ‘quarterly wave’ is an x-factor (around 60% or more of quarterly deliveries in the end month), with Elon Musk noting the increase as being unusually high compared to quarters due to some parts shortages.”

Accordingly, he said “a result of 225,000-230,000 would be great amid the chip shortage.”

“After a sluggish start to 2021, the stock has recovered +27% since back in June,” Levy stated.

“The stock is resilient, overcoming issues with China risk, and also doing well during the product delays, pressures from the chip shortage, and the creation of an investigation into an Tesla autopilot failure by a government safety agency.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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