Will you get a new $600 stimulus payment? Many Americans have signed a new petition that requests a fourth check be sent out as they still struggle with the continuing damage of the pandemic.

Lawmakers have not yet moved forward with a major effort to deposit yet another payment into Americans’ checking accounts — but the Biden White House did say recently that a certain group of American workers will get a new $600 check.

So, who is in line for this new financial relief? Here is what you should know.

A fourth payment is coming to some workers

According to the announcement from the United States Agriculture Sec. Tom Vilsack, the Biden White House will distribute yet another stimulus check to workers in some industries. Specifically, the money will be sent to:

  • Meatpacking employees
  • Farm workers
  • Supermarket workers

These funds will come from the $700 million program approved to help employees inside these industries. It is not certain exactly how this money will be given out, but up to $20 million of these funds is earmarked for grocery store workers.

The payment was initially approved by the American Rescue Plan, which was passed back in March by the Biden White House. The Dept. of Agriculture had the power to decide how the $700 million dollars would be spent, which included the ability to use it for food workers.

Vilsack said the reason for the new payment, stressing the fact that the new stimulus money is “about the crucial nature of the work that was done during the pandemic.”

The reason for the new $600 check is to reimburse the “essential” workers for expenses such as protective equipment, care for their dependents, lost income during the covid pandemic, and any expenses connected to the vaccinations.

“We recognize that our meatpacking workers, farmworkers and grocery workers overcame great challenges and took on great personal risks to guarantee Americans could feed their families through the pandemic,” Vilsack said while explaining the justification for giving these funds. “These people deserve recognition for this resilience.”

While the money was given by the Biden White House and the United States Agriculture Secretary unveiled the program, the funds will not be given directly by the federal government. The three stimulus checks were were deposited into Americans’ bank accounts by the IRS. But this time, state agencies and nonprofit groups will be giving the funds to eligible workers.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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