The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) is one of the largest nonpartisan senior citizens support groups, and the group currently has more than a million signatures for their petition to get support and focus for an emergency $1,400 check to deal with unprecedented inflation.

The petition says: “I (and my spouse) want Social Security receivers to get a $1,400.00 emergency check to deal with these unprecedented inflationary times.” Social Security benefits are among the few types of retirement income being adjusted for inflation.

Among the arguments being made by the petition is that the COLA boosts are not enough for seniors who are living on a fixed income along with 5% inflation being experienced over the previous 13 months. The petition says, “In 2021 Social Security benefits went up by only 1.3% increasing the average benefit by just around $20 per month. But around 86% of Social Security recipients polled say their expenses went up by a lot more than this amount.”

One of the areas that has had the greatest rise in prices is the meat sector. Although total inflation has come in about 5%, prices for chicken have gone up by 7.2%, pork prices are up around 9% and prices for ground beef are almost up a large 13% from just this last year.

A $1,400 check might help seniors to afford groceries easier give they are on a tight income. Around 25% of low-income seniors admitted to food insecurity, according to SNAP research.

Social Security recipients are expected to get a 6% COLA increase in 2022 — one of the largest on record — but rising Medicare costs and inflation are eating away at most of this. A fourth stimulus check can help seniors who are struggling to recover from a year of exploding prices and supply chain problems that are still hurting the possibility of recovery for simple grocery items.

Joe Biden has been silent about any such stimulus payment, choosing instead to give American tax payer money to illegals flooding into America, including most recently thousands of Haitian refugees whom his White House has allowed into the country.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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