For well over one century, stocks have been the best bet to create life-changing wealth. Even though the stock market will not outperform gold, housing, or bonds each year, it is delivered the greatest average yearly return over the previous century.

However, the leadership of stocks has been tested in a huge way recently by the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Many of the top digital tokens have beaten the S&P 500 many times over. Arguably taking the charge of late is the meme coin called Shiba Inu. But the many deficiencies of Shiba Inu means that its longer-term prospects are very poor.

Instead of investing your funds into this dangerous crypto, why not invest in the upcoming two supercharged stocks, both of which can beat Shiba Inu crypto over the incoming five years.


One company with supercharged growth possibilities that can leave Shiba Inu eating the dust is short term rental platform Airbnb.

What makes Airbnb so special is its efforts to totally upend the traditional travel and hotel industries. Bookings for stays climbed over 400% in the three year time frame that ended on Dec. 31, 2019, and it now has over 4 million homeowners giving their properties for stays. In general, Airbnb offers cheaper, more convenient, and more privacy than normal hotels.

Interestingly, the company’s fastest-increasing segment is long-term stays, which are said to be as rental periods longer than 28 days. As workforces get more mobile in the wake of the pandemic, these high-margin long-stay people could become Airbnb’s crucial growth driver.

Ping Identity Holdings

Another supercharged and growing stock that has the possibility to beat Shiba Inu over the upcoming five years is Ping Identity.

Ping Identity is a cybersecurity stock centered on identity verification solutions. The company’s cloud-based platform uses artificial intelligence to grow better at identifying and replying to possible threats over time. It works along with on-premises security products to give more thorough monitoring after users have gained access to the sensitive data.

The great thing about cybersecurity is that it has evolved into a basic-need service. No matter how well or badly the United States economy is performing, robots and hackers do not take one day off. This means double-digit growth can be expected for Ping going forward.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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