Drive Hyperion 8 incorporates a series of sensors including nine radars, 12 cameras, one front-facing lidar and 12 ultrasonic sensors. The entire setup is meant to be modular so carmakers can take and leave whatever they want.

Nivida states the system utilizes two Nvidia Drive Orin systems on a chip to give redundancy and fail-over, as well as the possibility for level four AI self-driving tech. Self driving cars are rated within a scale of 0 being the human driver controlling every part of the driving and level 5 meaning the vehicle completely operates itself without human intervention.

Nvidia’s Drive Chauffeur is their AI driving system. It utilizes Hyperion 8 sensors and lets vehicles drive from one place to another on their own in urban environments and highways. In addition to operating without humans, Chauffeur can be a high-end emergency system for those who would still rather drive themselves.

Then there is Drive Concierge, Nvidia’s AI assistant. Think of it like a high-powered Siri inside your car. It is designed to see each passenger and deal with them individually. So you can use your voice to manage parts of your vehicle that currently need you to tap touchscreens or twist knobs.

Concierge also works as a virtual valet with the power to find parking areas and park without you being inside. So you can get into an entrance to a restaurant and your car will park itself. When you are finished, you can call your vehicle back and it will come pick you up.

While Nvidia’s success in self-driving technology is certainly impressive, real self-driving cars are now years away from being used on American roads. There are huge hurdles to get over including how AI can safely get through bad weather, random construction areas, animals such as deer, and even reading the road while in rainstorms and snow.

Still, the huge moves forward that Nvidia and other companies are making are a sign that while self-driving technology is not a reality just yet, it will be a thing pretty soon.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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