Since the start of last year, traders have navigated their way through two historical events. First, there was the fastest decline of at least 30% in the history of the S&P 500. This was followed by the most robust recovery from a bear-market bottom on record.

Even though the benchmark index hit sixty new record-closing highs this year, discounts still remain for opportunistic traders. The trick is to search for companies that offer groundbreaking innovation and holding onto those shares for many years to come.

If you have $1,000 that you can put to work in the stock market, which will not be needed to cover emergencies or bills as they arise, the following game-changing stock is perfect to invest in today.


Square is a game-changing company that will almost certainly be a great deal if you were to look back five to 10 years from today.

For over a decade now, the best growth driver for square has been the seller ecosystem. The seller ecosystem offers point-of-sale solutions to vendors, as well as software, loans, and analytics to help them thrive. In the seven years that led up to the Covid-19 pandemic, gross payment volume (GPV) that was transacted on Square’s network expanded by a yearly average of 49% to $106.2 billion. Although merchant earnings has been a bit unpredictable due to Covid-19, third-quarter GPV of $41.7 billion indicates a yearly run-rate of about $167 billion.

As I have previously mentioned, the most intriguing aspect of the seller ecosystem is that it is no longer just for the small merchants. In the end of the sept. quarter, $27.7 billion (66%) of the $41.7 billion in GPV came from companies with at the very least $125,000 in yearly GPV. That is up from 57% of GPV coming from businesses with over $125,000 in yearly GPV in Q3 2019. Since merchant fees represent the bulk of seller ecosystem earnings, larger merchants using its tools is a big plus.

Nevertheless, most folks are not invested in Square because of its seller ecosystem. They are thrilled by the growth possibility of digital peer-to-peer payment processing platform Cash App. During a three-year stretch, ending December 31, 2020, Cash App’s month to month active users more than quintupled to 36 million. Gross earnings per user skyrocketed to $55 by the middle of this year, compared to acquisition prices of just $5 each user. As you might see, the margin possibility for Cash App is astonishing.

Additionally, Cash App expands the uses for Square past just merchant fees. For example, Square is producing earnings from transfer fees along with trading/investment activity. In particular, Cash App’s earnings have risen as a result of Bitcoin exchange and trading.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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