Sure, there are cryptos with a larger market cap than Shiba Inu (SHIB). However, no digital token has been a bigger winner in 2020. Shib’s remarkable growth of well over 66,000,000% has put it in a class of its own.

Past performance doesn’t always translate to success in the future, though. Here are two cryptos that might beat Shiba Inu next year.

1. Avalanche

It was not all that long ago that Shib ranked above Avalanche (AVAX) based on its market cap. However, Avalanche sidelined Shib in Nov. and hasn’t looked back ever since. It’s now the 12th-largest cryptocurrency that’s on the market today, while Shiba Inu is ranked No. 13.

The key to the momentum of Avalanche is its unique style architecture. Avalanche has 3 interoperable blockchains that allow it to avoid scalability issues and higher costs that are associated with some other platforms such as Ethereum.

Its platform already has the ability to process over 4,500 transactions each second. Its costs are extremely-low. And no blockchain can beat Avalanche’s time to finality of less than two seconds.

Unsurprisingly, creators have ran to Avalanche. And now there are over 150 projects in the Avalanche ecosystem, and that number keeps growing. We’re not just talking about the smaller organizations that are opting to use Avalanche. Global consulting and accounting firm Deloitte has plans to build a disaster recover platform that is cloud-based and uses the Avalanche blockchain.

2. Kadena

The most likely crypto to fly out of nowhere as Shib did in 2021 are those that are not already the most well known. But these less-known coins still have to have a lot going for them to be able to stand out from the crowd. I believe that Kadena (KDA) stands out as one of the more likely contenders to break out next year.

Kadena is not exactly camping out in nowhere today. It comes in ranked at No. 67 on CoinMarketCap’s list of top cryptos. But with a current market cap of about $1.8 billion, Kadena might still have plenty of room to grow even after skyrocketing more than 7,800% in 2020.

KDA shines on the performance front. It has the ability to process 480,000 transactions each second. It could also scale to faster transaction speeds as additional chains are being added to its network. There’s no ceiling on KDA’s throughput.

Kadena has also exceled with its real-world utility. It can support non-fungible coins (NFTs), including fractional NFTs that aren’t linked to a single exchange. KDA’s smart contracts are for the most part safe. And its costs are extremely-low — only small transaction fees for businesses and consumers can completely get rid of their customer’s  transaction fees.

There is no guarantee that KDA will be one of the top breakout cryptos of 2022, of course. However, it does check off the right boxes required to possibly beat Shiba Inu.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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