Think longer term. That is important to remember with as much stock market volatility we have seen in recent days.

Regardless of how stocks are performing next week or even next month, there are a few areas that should be big winners in the future. One of those winners is the metaverse. If you are a long-term trader, here are three strong metaverse stocks that you should buy in 2022.

1. Nvidia

Nvidia ranks as the top artificial intelligence (AI) stock. It is a top gaming stock. And it is a top metaverse stock — both for today and the future.

While many businesses are scrambling to carve out their share of the metaverse, Nvidia has already started marketing a successful product. The Omniverse platform helps support virtual 3D design collaboration and simulation. Customers including engineering firms, manufacturers and game creators are using Omniverse.

Nvidia’s GPUs should have tremendous demand in the long term as well as when the metaverse is created. Few businesses are able to compete at the same level that Nvidia can when it comes to powering virtual reality apps.

2. Unity Software

Unity Software is a metaverse stock that I believe could realistically double this year. Its software has been used to produce over 70% of the leading 1,000 mobile games.

It will not just be programmers that create the metaverse, though. Artists will also be largely be involved in this as well. Unity is now in a great position to meet their needs after acquiring Weta Digital.

You probably haven’t heard of Weta, but you have more than likely seen its work. Unity’s platform has been used in the development of visual effects for many movies and TV shows, including The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

3. Meta Platforms

The metaverse is so vital to the future for Meta Platforms that the company has changed its name from Facebook. While its earnings from advertising on its social media platforms helps pay the bills for now, Meta has been investing large amounts of money in creating the metaverse.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly said that his company’s main goal is to help attract 1 billion people to the metaverse. He believes that this will “unlock a much larger creative economy of both physical and digital goods.”

Meta is one of only a handful of businesses that have the resources to put its focus on the entire metaverse ecosystem. Meta is creating an operating system, social platform, e-commerce architecture, and augmented virtual/reality devices that will make the metaverse a reality.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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