Bitcoin (BTC) delivered the worst performance in 2021 of the last three years. And the crypto still trounced numerous stocks, with its price skyrocketing more than 60%.

But Bitcoin has gotten off to a rocky start in 2022 so far. Do not be surprised if Bitcoin lags behind quite a few other stocks this year. Here are two unstoppable stocks that have the potential of beating Bitcoin in 2022.

1. Innovative Industrial Properties

Innovative Industrial Properties shares have fallen a lot more than BTC’s price so far this year. However, I believe the downturn will be more temporary than anything else. IIP’s company is as strong as ever.

The cannabis-focused REIT has added 28 new properties just in Q4 of 2021. IIP now owns 103 properties throughout 19 states. The properties are all leased to cannabis growers.

While BTC’s fortunes are completely subject to the whims of its traders, IIP has better control over its stock performance. If the business could find more properties to lease and purchase, its revenue is likely to keep increasing. And if its earnings were to grow enough, its share price would almost certainly jump as well.

This might seem like a simple task for the company to accomplish. There are an additional 17 states that have legalized marijuana in some form where the business does not currently operate. The company also has plenty of other growth opportunities within its existing markets.

Perhaps the largest threat to IIP is that large cannabis reform on the federal level will be passed that attracts even more competition. However, such reform will more than likely be a net positive for IIP.

2. PayPal Holdings

The shift to digital payments is becoming an unstoppable force. PayPal Holdings (PYPL) is a top player in digital payments with about 75% of the leading 1,500 retailers in Europe and North America supporting its digital wallet. This helps make PayPal an unstoppable stock.

Granted, PayPal did not seem unstoppable this past year. Its shares dropped 19% during what was considered a bull market for most other stocks. A large part of the issue was that the company’s earnings growth slowed down when compared to 2020. But it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise considering the big spike in online buying with the forced pandemic lockdowns in the year prior.

Some of PayPal’s new features on its app (including the support for trading BTC and some other cryptos) are attracting users. PayPal can bounce back in a major way this year. And in the future, the stock has the potential to be truly unstoppable.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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