The crypto sector as a whole has been under some pressure in the past months. At this same time, many signs point to digital coins turning into well-respected programming and financial tools. The crypto winter is not likely to last much longer, which means it is high time to pick up the best coins and tokens while the fire sale lasts.

In particular, I see a great future for the cross-border coin called Ripple and its XRP token.

XRP trades at a huge artificial discount

XRP prices have gone down by 41% since its recent peak in mid-November, beating powerhouse Bitcoin and the decentralized programming coin Ethereum by a huge margin.

The SEC case against the coin seems likely to end soon, and in Ripple’s favor too. When this happens, XRP’s token could spike much higher. Popular crypto exchanges like Kraken, Binance, and Coinbase Global stopped XRP trades last year to avoid the possible legal issues. The minute these exchanges reboot their XRP trades, investors will push up a year’s worth of frustration and demand. That is on top of the general cryptocurrency market return, which should get traction in 2022.

More good news?

First, The Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, is look at 2022 for the conclusion to the SEC drama, and that is his worst-case scenario.

And it’s not just him predicting it. In late Dec., crypto lawyer Jeremy Hogan tweeted that the SEC’s case against Ripple should be done by April.

Meanwhile, the Ripple system is finding fresh real-world use cases globally. The largest bank in Morocco signed up with the RippleNet blockchain network on Wed., for example. Spanish mega-bank Banco Santander joined the network during the summer of 2020 and has created its own international payment services founded on RippleNet and XRP. You will also find American household names like American Express and Bank of America on RippleNet’s customer list, though their connection is on the back burner until the government case is over.

My point is, XRP has good value even if Americans are not allowed to use it — and even more since domestic banks can make use of RippleNet to power frictionless global payments. Take that turbo-powered engine and add in a widely expected rebound in 2022, and you have a recipe for exceptional XRP profits.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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