Net worth isn’t given the amount of attention it deserves. Many investors aim to increase their net worth 10, 20, or 30 years into the future. But that’s because many folks put off increasing their net worth by paying down their personal home and putting a little more money into their retirement account.

Those items can and will enhance your net worth over time, but investing in real estate may help you achieve your longer-term objective on a shorter timetable while also providing access to new investment possibilities. Here’s a closer look at why real estate is such an important asset when it comes to increasing net worth.

Why net worth matters

Your net worth is a single point in time of your financial position. It takes the overall value of your assets, such as real estate, automobiles, furnishings, stocks and bonds, or other investments, and subtracts any debts.

The aim is to have a positive net worth. The higher it is, the better. Having a large net worth implies that you are more financially secure in terms of retirement, that you have a greater accumulation of wealth, and that you may take advantage of improved financing and investment possibilities. This is especially true if you are known to be an accredited investor, which is someone that has more than $1 million in net worth (not including primary residence).

The typical net worth of Americans will vary considerably, usually increasing as their income rises or they get closer to retirement. However, there are methods to boost your net worth beyond your salary alone – one option is to invest in real estate.

Boosting your net worth through real estate

For most of us, our house is one of the most valuable assets we have. Equity is accumulated as we pay off the mortgage or the value of the home rises, which contributes to overall net worth. However, in order to gain accreditation status and participate in unique investment possibilities, you’ll need to use real estate investing to grow your net worth.

Buying and renting a vacation house or single-family property, as well as investing in commercial real estate, may offer you the same advantages as a personal home while also allowing you to take advantage of tax deductions, the ability to generate cash flow (or passive income), and leverage. Unlike your primary home, where you are required to pay the mortgage and accumulating property equity, meaning your net worth grows, this expenditure will be covered by the tenants’ rents.

It’s possible for a single real estate investment to significantly boost your net worth, but it’s simple to comprehend how many real estate properties might help you become an accredited investor in a short time without having to draw on your own money

Author: Scott Dowdy

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