It’s difficult to predict the future. Investors may make educated guesses about how a firm will perform over a period of time by looking at its track record of success.

That’s how I’d like to summarize everything here, with a try at what the most lucrative firm might be in two decades’ time.

I’ll take Apple ( AAPL -0.10% ). I know it’s the same old boring answer since you don’t want to hear about Apple. At this moment, the company already holds the title of world’s most valuable company. But, more significantly, what Apple has been able to do is anticipate things that you will desire before they occur and succeed in areas where others fail. When the iPad was initially released, they weren’t the first tablet on the market; however , they were the one that stood out. It made it popular. The smartwatch. The iPhone is unquestionably their biggest product, accounting for over 65% of sales. There were many mobile phones and cellphones before Apple coined the term smartphone. Then boom, out came the iPhone, which I believe was released in 2007 or so. Since then, things have never been the same: you can always remark that globally speaking Android devices have a larger market share overall, but that Apple is able to charge a premium for its goods. That is why they’re the most valuable firm on the planet now, and it’s very probable that they will be in the future.

Whether they get into automobiles, as many have presumed, or anything else similar to an Apple home or even an Apple anything, it’s accurate to state that you shouldn’t write off Apple. Obviously, when Steve Jobs died several years ago, it was easy to question what would happen next. Which was the same case When Walt Disney died, for example, or when Roy Kroc died at McDonald’s, or in Alphabet. I will tell you that I think the two college friends who founded Google in a garage apartment are still at it, not CEOs but doing important things, and they’re not done yet. But you don’t need to have the original individual in charge. We’ve seen Tim Cook do a wonderful job; I’m sure he’ll continue to do so for 20 years. Someone else will come along and take Apple to new heights; I’m certain of it . I’m very confident that Apple will continue as if it were one of the most valuable firms or very close to it in 20 years time.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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