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The fifth Democratic presidential debate is taking place on Nov. 20 in Atlanta. While candidates are looking to either make a splash or reach the minimum requirements to appear on stage, investors are left second-guessing on how they should position their portfolios leading up to the election.

Until we know for sure who will win the White House, there are ways you can protect your assets.

“I continue to be very impressed by the resilience of the consumer,” says Scott Clemons, chief investment strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman. He went on to say that, “We’re finding value in those companies that have an exposure to that underlying consumer trend, particularly in those sectors that sell essential products and services – that are somewhat resistant to whatever the outcome of the election is, whatever central banks do. No one is immune but at least have some resistance to that.”

Clemons does have some concerns about organizing a portfolio going forward.

“I’m nervous about sectors that have rallied on the back of falling interest rates – be that real estate-related stocks or utilities, or bond proxies. And I like technology as well but where we’re finding value in technology is more in technology services as opposed to products. So the sort of technology enablers, the backbone, network types.”

Some of the companies that fit the bill here include Google (GOOGL), Pinterest (PINS) or Microsoft (MSFT). It also highlights why Apple (AAPL) is trying to reposition itself as more of a services company.

Author: Nick Monte

Source: Finance. Yahoo: How to position your portfolio going into an election

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